Follow a winding sandy path to discover a haven of tranquillity nestled in the bountiful Baros foliage. Calming scents, gentle hues and the rustle of palm trees invite you into a private treatment suite, inspiring instinctual contentment. Blissful relaxation clears your mind, balances your body and soothes your soul.
Serenity Spa at Baros offers a holistic treatment menu with more than 30 therapies. Specialising in personalised programmes, experienced therapists use the curative powers of local herbs and plants, in conjunction with entrancing healing traditions from Asia and Africa, for treatments that relax, rejuvenate and restore.


Rituals by Baros

Serenity Spa Lavender and Lime Ceremony by TheraNaka

• 120 minutes Influenced by African tribal traditions, this entrancing ceremony begins with full-body exfoliation. Blissful immersion in a bath of milk follows, bestowing luxurious relaxation before you receive an indulgent full-body massage. The outcome is profound relaxation.

• 30 min African Earth Body Exfoliation

• 30 min River Rapids Milk Bath

• 60 min East African Wood Massage

Serenity Spa Taster Experience by TheraNaka

• 60 minutes Stress drains away in a fusion of treatments that combine to calm the mind and refresh the body. A wooden dumbbell massage irons out knots and tensions in your neck, shoulders and back, before a revitalising mini-facial clears and hydrates your skin.

• 30 min back massage with African Wood Dumbbells

• 30 min TheraNaka Facial

Submerge Your Senses by ELEMIS

• 150 minutes Sink into a state of pure relaxation with a muscle-relaxing bath accompanied by delicious rehydration in the form of fresh fruit juice and roasted coconut. Gently entrancing full-body brushing further calms the mind while assisting your body’s immune system. The ceremony concludes with a full-body intuitive massage by one of our highly trained therapists.

• 30 min muscle-easing bath with refreshing fruit juice and roasted coconut slices

• 30 min full body brushing

• 90 min relaxing full-body intuitive massage

Romantic Spa Retreat for Couples by ELEMIS

• 150 minutes Reach new heights of contentment in a ceremony especially designed for couples who wish to share a transcendent relaxation experience. This immersive pampering programme eases tensions, enhances intimacy and leaves romantic partners refreshed and rejuvenated.

• 30 min tropical coconut sand scrub

• 30 min steam and bath with fruit and bubbles

• 60 min ELEMIS Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage

• 30 min ELEMIS Booster Facial

Early-bird Cleansing Ritual

• 120 minutes This early-morning interactive ritual begins with a health-enhancing juice served in your villa at 6:30 am. A complimentary yoga class with the Baros resident yogi follows at 7 am. After, TheraNaka mud is applied in a private treatment room in preparation for a tension-melting back, neck and shoulder massage.

• Health juice in your villa at 6:30 am

• 45 min Sun Salutation yoga class at 7 am

• 30 min Muscleanse Mud Application with steam and refreshing shower

• 45 min TheraNaka Vigour Back Massage

Clarifying Body and Senses

• 135 minutes A cleansing ceremony designed to revitalise the body and uplift the spirit. Beginning with a steam bath and followed by a detoxifying Thousand Flowers full-body wrap, stress dissipates as toxins leave the body. This bewitching ritual concludes with an aromatic herbal bath and a recharging Abhyanga oil massage, further detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system.

• 15 min steam bath

• 30 min Thousand Flowers Detox Wrap by ELEMIS

• 30 min Detoxifying Bath by ELEMIS with detox drink

• 60 min Abhyankar massage with detoxifying treatment oils


Design your own spa programme

Curate your own personal journey to wellness and contentment with a daily spa indulgence. You can select at least three daily treatments from the menu below to create your own unique spa programme.

• Rejuvenate

30 min Salt Glow, 30 min relaxing bath

• Relax

15 min steam, 75 min Thai, Swedish or Balinese massage

• Revive

60 min Intuitive Jet Lag Massage

• Refresh

15 min steam, 60 min wrap, 15 min shower, 30 min back massage

• Realign

30 min head massage, 30 min foot massage

• Release

60 min Thai, Swedish or Balinese massage, 30 min Booster Facial

• Renew

30 min Coconut Scrub, 60 min massage


Beautify at Baros

• ELEMIS Pro Definition Lift and Contour

75 minutes

Create a sculpted, youthful appearance by boosting your skin structure with this unique, muscle-toning massage from the scalp to the décolletage. Arjuna and Lupin-infused masks enhance skin suppleness while powerful nutrients and stem cells found in Edelweiss and Tiger Grass help make your skin appear plumper and tauter around the chin and jowl zone.

• ELEMIS Pro Collagen Age Defy

75 minutes

Diminish fine lines and wrinkles with natural marine moisturiser Padina pavonica, also known as Peacock’s Tail, which trials have shown to have age-defying benefits. Expertly formulated into an ELEMIS skincare solution, Peacock’s Tail ensures your skin’s optimal hydration while an individually tailored massage encourages cell renewal. The combined effect is supple, firm and youthful looking skin.

• ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel

75 minutes

Transform your visage with this effective treatment. Independent clinical trials have shown this precision peel effectively targets the signs of ageing and evens skin tone. This is a pioneering treatment that produces smoother, youthful-looking skin by using layers of enzymes for powerful exfoliation.


• COOLA Care Skin Soother

45 minutes

Nourish and protect stressed and sun-kissed skin with a cooling, anti-inflammatory facial that hydrates and shields the face from toxic pollutants and other harmful environmental exposure. Your skin’s natural defense system is enhanced by improving collagen production and cell renewal.

• Skin Energiser for Men by ELEMIS

75 minutes

A hard-working facial for gentlemen wishing to combat the signs of ageing. The appearance of dehydrated skin and tired eyes are improved through cell regeneration achieved through steaming and extraction. A dynamic facial massage enhances circulation, whilst profound relaxation is gained with a deep scalp and foot massage.


Treat your body at Baros

• Classic Thai Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

Traditional Thai massage is an energising healing treatment that follows Ayurvedic principles by combining acupressure and assisted yoga postures. This oil-free massage energises your body, soothes aches and pains and provides a sense of profound contentment. Pyjamas are supplied at the spa or you are free to wear loose-fitting yoga clothing.

• Classic Balinese Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

Balinese massage is a blissful blend of gentle stretching, acupressure and aromatherapy. A nourishing full-body, deep-tissue massage treatment, it brings a sense of inner calm and lasting contentment.

• Classic Swedish Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

Classic Swedish massage is beneficial for decreasing toxins that have built up in muscles, improving your microcirculation and flexibility while easing tension in the muscles. This classic treatment combines five different massage techniques to deeply relax the entire body.

• TheraNaka East African Wood Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

Rhythmic patterns of African dance inspire this blissfully relaxing signature massage. It blends light stretching techniques and acupressure using wooden instruments to soothe and restore a weary body. The therapist will drizzle your body with a warm olive and shea butter balm to nourish and heal dry skin.

• TheraNaka Tri-scented Lime-infused Luxury Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

A unique ritual created by the highly experienced Serenity Spa therapists to celebrate our connection with nature and the circle of life. Small blocks of citrus-infused shea butter are carefully placed on your body to aid circulation. Relaxation radiates from the soothing warmth of the butter as it melts under the therapist’s hands, leaving your spirits uplifted and skin nourished and hydrated.

• ELEMIS Freestyle Deep-tissue Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

A vigorous workout for your body, designed to alleviate elevated stress levels. Tailored entirely to your individual needs, the result is a balanced body and a focused mind.

• TheraNaka Awakening Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

A deeply relaxing full-body massage inspired by the marula tree, a source of nutrition in Africa for thousands of years. The combination of breathing techniques with entrancing rhythmic massage will awaken your senses and revitalise your body.

• TheraNaka Vigour Back Massage

30 minutes / 45 minutes

A warm aroma blend infused with circulation-boosting essential oils combined with a deep-tissue back massage to alleviate deep-seated tension. A refreshing gel is applied after the massage, leaving your entire body tingling with invigorated vitality.

• ELEMIS Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

Heated stones, smothered in blissfully scented Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, pressed gently yet firmly into your muscles. This releases deep tension and stress that has accumulated over time. The outcome is sparkling vitality with intensely hydrated skin.

• ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy

60 minutes / 90 minutes

Mothers-to-be will feel nurtured and nourished with this deeply relaxing and intuitive massage that gently hydrates and nurtures your stretching skin. Not suitable for the first trimester of pregnancy.

• Abhyankar Oil Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes

A full-body treatment using Ayurvedic herb-infused massage oils. It boosts your body’s energy while calming and centring the mind.

• COOLA Sun Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes A relaxing massage that helps keep your skin nourished while you’re outside enjoying the beaming Baros sun. Soothing anti-inflammatory and ultra-hydrating ingredients are individually selected for each guest’s unique skin type.


Immersive Baros rituals

• Muscle-releasing Mud Wrap by TheraNaka

75 minutes

You’ll embark on this journey with a natural body scrub to slough away dead skin cells. A restorative herbal-fusion back massage follows, along with an invigorating therapeutic muscle-warming cocoon that will make your senses tingle. A soothing mud wrap then helps ease any muscle aches and pains, leaving your whole body refreshed and invigorated.

– Sandalwood Marula body scrub with muscle-easing mud application

– Indian head and shoulder massage

– Refreshing rain shower

– Indulgent back, neck and shoulder massage

• COOLA Care Body and Face Soother

60 minutes

An ultra-moisturising and deeply soothing fullbody treatment that uses organic agave, which bestows natural moisture-binding chemicals to protect and repair sun-damaged skin. It promotes skin renewal as well as protecting you from harmful UV rays while you’re out enjoying Baros.

– Cooling shower

-Cooling and healing gel application

– Cooling and soothing face treatment

– Relaxing Indian head massage

• Nourishing Nectar Body Wrap by ELEMIS

75 minutes

Begin with a toxin-cleansing scrub, followed by a luxurious application of nourishing and ultra-hydrating monoi oils to quench sun-kissed skin. While cocooned in hydrating comfort, therapists enhance your profound relaxation with a neck, scalp and shoulder massage while aromatics balance your moods.

– ELEMIS cleansing salt scrub

– Rain shower

– Nourishing oil application and wrap

– Relaxing and toning facial massage

– Indian head and shoulder massage

• Thousand Flower Detox Wrap by ELEMIS

75 minutes

Bestow your skin with smooth suppleness with this nutrient-rich detox wrap, complete with deeply detoxifying and nourishing Green Tea Balm. Cast away impurities and restore balance with a gentle full-body brush, detox steam and luxurious Thousand Flower wrap. An Indian head and shoulder massage completes this restorative journey.

– Gentle full-body brushing

– Detoxifying steam room experience

– Detox oil application and wrap

– Relaxing and toning facial massage

– Indian head and shoulder massage

• ELEMIS Cellulite Reduction Treatment

75 minutes Boost

beauty with a powerful blend of massage and detoxifying clay that tones and tightens your hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arms. Independent clinical trials have shown a reduction in the appearance of cellulite after a single treatment.

– Detoxifying full-body brushing

– Detoxifying steam room experience

– Cellulite targeted massage

– Anti-cellulite serum and mask application

– Indian head and shoulder massage

– Cellulite treatment serum application


A gentle Baros touch

• TheraNaka Manicure

60 minutes

Gentle exfoliation of the hands and forearms is the opening act of this African-inspired spa manicure. A tension-releasing fusion hand massage follows, which includes close attention to the nails and cuticles. Revitalised hands then receive a lush application of nail colour by OPI.

• TheraNaka Pedicure

60 minutes

This African-influenced pedicure treatment pampers tired feet and aching leg muscles. It begins with exfoliation of rough skin, followed by a customised African shea butter dumbbell massage, which hydrates and nourishes while releasing tension. Nails and cuticles then receive the attention they deserve, including a dazzling nail colour by OPI.


Soothing Baros additions

Extend your blissful Baros spa journey with one or more of these treatments. These must be booked in addition to an existing spa programme.

• ELEMIS Brighter Eyes Treatment 15 minutes

• ELEMIS Booster Facials 30 minutes

• Toning Facial Massage 15 minutes

• Indian Head and Shoulder Massage  30 minutes

• Nourishing Hair Treatment 30 minutes

• Add-on Massage 30 minutes

• Targeted Cellulite Massage 15 minutes

• Full-body Scrub 30 minutes

• Shirodhara (oil-pouring) 30 minutes

• Steam Room Experience 15 minutes


Bend and breathe at Baros

Group classes

• 30 minutes

• 45 minutes

• 60 minutes


• Advanced Yoga (60 minutes)

• Balanced Yoga (60 minutes)

• Gentle Yoga (60 minutes)

• Vinyasa Flow (60 minutes)

• Advanced Sun Salutation (60 minutes)

• Stretch for Stress (60 minutes)

• Yoga Asanas for Abdomen (60 minutes)

• Mindful Yoga (60 minutes)


• Yoga Nidra Meditation (45 minutes)

• Soham Breathing Meditation (45 minutes)

• Tratka or Candle Flame Meditation (45 minutes)

• Sound Healing Meditation (30 minutes)


• The Art of Breathing (45 minutes)

Spa etiquette

• Serenity Spa is a haven of peace and tranquillity. Please respect the serene atmosphere by not bringing mobile phones or any other items that may cause disturbance for other guests.

• There are private changing rooms and showering facilities at the spa in the treatment pavilions.

• If required for the treatment, disposable underwear will be provided to spa guests.

• Please arrive at least 15 minutes before an appointment in order to relax with a welcome drink and complete the registration process before beginning your treatment.

• Spa therapists have another guest booked immediately after most appointments. For that reason, in the event of late arrival, your treatment may be cut short or cancelled.

• In the event of cancellation 24 hours before treatment, there is no cancellation charge. In the event of cancellation 12 hours before appointment, 50 per cent of the cost of the booked treatment will be charged. In the event of a cancellation with notice of less than 12 hours, you will be charged 100 per cent of the booked treatment.

• Guests with health concerns are invited to come for a private chat with us over a ginger tea. Our highly trained and experienced therapists can advise you about possible treatment options before an appointment is made. In some cases, a note from your doctor is required, stating that it is safe to perform the requested treatments.

• Some of the spa treatments are unfortunately not suitable for pregnant women in their first trimester. Pregnant guests are encouraged to speak to a therapist if there are any concerns.